Jeff Roberti Interview

Jeff Roberti has earned over $70 million in personal commissions in the Network Marketing Profession. This 76 minute interview, which includes previously unseen footage, provides a rare glimpse into the mindset necessary to totally transform your life. Enjoy.

Simple script to help introduce your Max business

Eric Worre, one of my favourite MLM trainers has just made a new straight to the point post on his blog.  He covers a simple but effective introduction to get someone to take a look at your business.

Tailoring it for Max you could ask if they have five or so minutes and show them the Perfect Time, Perfect Solution video.

Watch Eric’s training video here.  Enjoy!

Compensation Plan Updates

Max International has announced upcoming changes to the compensation plan to further realign it with the new focus on bronze instead of gold and also Max Living principles.  This means more bonus money early on with new the rank advancement pool also being for bronze and silver.  The other big change to help people grow their business is the change of the PV required to be active increasing from 50 to 100PV for Associates and Bronze associates which will help more volume be created, and in turn help more people get to bronze.

Full details can be read on the max blog here

For and Against

What is it that you stand for in life? What are the values that drive you?  A big part of the Max is our own code which lays a track to guide the decisions to maximally benefit everyone who comes in touch with the Max family.  These are the ideals of the modern entrepreneur who seek to provide value and make the most out of life.

If you’ve been in the online marketing world then you quite possibly have heard of Perry Marshall who is considered one the top experts in Google Adwords.  He has posted up a thought provoking list of what he stands to be for and against.  Check it out now and post your favourite for/against as a comment below.

The Story Behind Dr Nagasawa’s Cyanide Antidote

You may have heard that Dr Herbert Nagasawa was unable to make it to the unveiling of his first Riboceine powered product as he was being honored by Homeland Security for his groundbreaking cyanide antidote.  It’s a great privilege we have to work alongside such respected and accomplished scientists at Max.  There is a great article detailing the background story to this breakthrough which you will find a great read to learn more about Herb’s story.

Click here to read it

Make a noise!

Brenda Bridgforth has a great post on the official max blog here titled “It should be impossible for you to stay quiet!” right here

We have, in our hands, science-based products that truly make a difference in people’s lives in so many ways. As I reflect on last week’s product launch, my thoughts drift back to Dr. Nagasawa, a world-renowned scientist who had to miss his own product launch because he was being honored by the Department of Homeland Security for his groundbreaking discovery [cyanide antidote] for the U.S. Department of Defense. We talk a lot in this business about WHO we are partnering with, and after last week, it struck me that I get to participate in taking Dr. Nagasawa’s life’s work out to the masses and what an honor it is to have a small part in this Max Revolution.

An incredible amount of research and effort has gone into providing the most cutting edge science based product available anywhere.. Now that MaxATP and the reformulated NFuze is available more than ever the time is now to spread the word and build your Max business!

Another New Bronze!

Congratulations to Leighton Baker for achieving the Bronze pin rank for the month of June!  It’s great to see some of the younger crew in the team doing so well already.

With the Build To Bronze Summer Surge promotion Leighton earns a bonus $250 as does his sponsor. Nice :)

With this great promotion on for the next few months let’s help everyone in the team get to bronze as quickly as possible!

May June Associate Newsletter

The May/June associate newsletter is now available to download here.  This month’s sections include:

Corporate Message
Mike Larkings – Max’s legacy transcends uncertainty

Max Living Part 2

Philippines events garner Praise from all sides
Final Hawaii trips winners announced

How to use Max Living in your business

Product Overview
Glutathione – and the Brain

Rank Advancements April/May 2010

Karen and Kenny Wagner

When Steven Scott, the founder of Max, was first seeing what the product could do one of the people he gave it to was his friends who worked for him. The life changing experience for Kenny really caught Steve’s attention to what MaxGXL was capable of.

Max Revolution

The Max Revolution begins on June 26th 2010! The all new N-Fuze and a yet to be announced product which is the first of the Cellgevity technology will be available on this date. This marks the beginning of the next exciting phase with Max International. Scott Unclebach has a great post on the Max blog here about the timing and what is to come.